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Grahams Beef

Healthy Beef stir fry

Chop a small onion in 1/2 half and then slice. Then chop yellow or red pepper into strips, use the amount you want. Slice 5 small corn sweet corn cobs into small rounds.  While doing this heat a table spoon of nut or rape seed oil in a wok until hot.  Place the above vegetables in the wok and turn heat down to slowly soften.

While the vegetables soften cut up your steak, I use sirloin, in to strips.  Once the vegetables are soft turn the heat up and move them to the side of the wok.\Put the steak in the wok in the clared space and leave for 2 minutes.  Then toss all together and turn the heat down.

Pour ½ table spoon of Worcestershire sauce and ½ table spoon of rice vinegar, approximately, in the wok.  Season with lots of pepper.

At this point I mix ½ bag of pre-heated Thai flavoured grains (yes I cheat and buy microwave grains) in to the wok and heat for 30 seconds.

Serve and enjoy!