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About The Wealden Kitchen

The theme of food and cooking played a major part in Jane’s life from an early age. As a child she was used to weekends filled with chocolate eclairs, vol-au-vents and sherry trifles prepared by her Mother and her Auntie Bren for the catering business they ran together and being brought up in the Sussex countryside the many farm shops, “pick your owns” and hedges full of blackberries fuelled her love for fresh local ingredients.

Jane’s education focused mainly on linguistics and her languages led her into sales roles for a number of global packaging companies, unsurprisingly always supplying packaging for food which continued a theme in her life. Travelling both for business and pleasure further developed her passion for international flavours, particularly French.

After many years of encouragement from family and friends who regularly filled the house and sampled Jane’s cooking, she decided to follow in her Mother’s footsteps and start her own catering business, albeit the canapes and dishes offered now are quite different from those she grew up with. Jane is always seeking twists on traditional dishes and new menus, and suggestions from clients.

When someone recently asked her for vegetable curry and cakes for funeral refreshments as the deceased had been vegetarian, though not traditional funeral fare, she enjoyed making it as much as the friends and family enjoyed eating it. Nothing gives her more pleasure than a room full of people getting as much enjoyment from eating her food as she has from preparing it.